The studio offers small group Pilates Pre and Post Natal Reformer classes, Baby and Me Mat, Babies at the Barre.

Group classes do not cater to individuals needing specific exercises for rehabilitation. Please book a private 1:1 for this service.

The groups are pre-booked in 4-week intervals.


Prenatal Reformer

Take this opportunity to connect with other island Mums on a similar journey. Learn the importance of breath-work, awareness of & strengthening of pelvic floor, core abdominal & gluteal muscles, improve your balance and reduce back pain. Stay strong while you prepare for the arrival of your little one!

Waiheke Pilates Centre - Kristin and another woman doing a group reformer class

Postnatal Reformer

Recently had a baby and keen to get back into exercise safely?

Join one of these classes and take this opportunity to meet other Mums. Builder your strength while caring for your little one, maintain joint mobility, learn active pelvic floor exercises, core work and have a little “me time.”